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100 Chances
100 Chances at Romance
Title: Love of Gray Author/Artist: … 
12th-May-2010 12:07 am
dc, haibara
Title: Love of Gray
Author/Artist: silky_sarii  
Fandom: Detective Conan
Pairing: Ai/Shinichi
Theme: 07: The Look in Your Eyes
Rating: PG

previously posted on FF. my goodness, how time has flown. i'm 20 now, meaning that i have lived 25% of my life left to live. think of all the things I will never have or do..

And I can't start earning money to get them, because I don't have a driver's permit and I live in Howard County, MD with the cows! cry.
At least I have fanfiction.
Then again... anyone need an accounting intern in the DC metro area?
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