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100 Chances

100 Chances at Romance

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Welcome to 100_chances. Like 30_kisses and other theme communities, there are a set number themes (in this case 100)that are typically used for fanfiction or fanart.

Each person is allowed up to 2 claims, including claiming pairings from your own series, or real life people (such as singers, actors, etc.). Both heterosexual and homosexual pairings are fine, but NO THREESOMES.

Everyone is asked to be respectful of each other's work. This is for fun and isn't meant to put people down - anyone from any skill level is welcome so try and help people to improve. This is meant to be low-pressure and fun.


1. At twilight

2. In dreary times

3. Before then, but after that

4. The golden year

5. In the beginning

6. Love before time

7. The look in your eyes

8. Snow days

9. Wishful thinking

10. Fire; ember; firelight

11. Pink lemonade

12. The nature of the universe

13. Heaven and/or Hell

14. If we never meet again

15. Musically inclined

16. Façade

17. But not today

18. So many things to do today and not enough time to do them

19. Scars

20. In the heat of the moment

21. The lasting dream; the repetitive dream

22. Impressionable youth

23. Enigma

24. Ouch!

25. The years gone past

26. Fountain of youth

27. Vital signs

28. Children’s games

29. Wrong number

30. Ice cream parlor

31. Bubbles

32. Streak

33. Blood pain

34. Lucky number

35. (On) The day we met

36. Laughter

37. The seasons

38. Wishing well; wishing fountain

39. Far off places

40. The tears we shed

41. Insanity

42. Food is the way to a man’s heart

43. Silent words

44. What you mean to me

45. ‘til the end of time

46. Support

47. Miscommunication

48. Delivery person

49. Fighters

50. Kinetic energy

51. Hair dye

52. Switching places

53. Peaches

54. Practical jokes

55. Static electricity

56. Castles in the sky

57. Storm

58. Last dance

59. Umbrella

60. Smile

61. Blizzard

62. Spontaneity

63. Serendipity

64. Green

65. Paranoia

66. Change of heart

67. Angels and/or Demons

68. Common interests

69. The usual spot

70. Opposites attract

71. Scraps of paper

72. Memories

73. Photograph

74. Someday

75. Poison

76. Off-balance; off-kilter

77. Gum; breath mints

78. Office supplies

79. Outdoors

80. In the moonlight

81. Long walk

82. Things you find in a book

83. Anticipation

84. Anxiety

85. Crayons

86. Snow angels

87. Message

88. Shopping

89. Meeting the parents

90. Plants

91. Serenity

92. Coffee

93. Rebirth

94. Studying

95. Tattoo

96. Sugar cookies

97. Magic

98. Equation

99. Wind; air

100. Chance

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